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More than just a print company

Personalization begins with an idea!

Let E1 Digital Direct create your digital packages for you to reach the world.

Mail Strategy & Tracking

Deploying mail can be very expensive, but should it? Allow  E1 Digital the opportunity to strategize your global deployments.

Email / SMS Marketing

More than direct mail printing, E1 Digital can deploy your creatives in SMS and Email formats to assist in reaching a broader range of customers.

A personal touch to any note based on the analytics will assist in increasing your targets.


Direct Mail

Allow E1 Digital the opportunity to design and deploy your mail plan to millions of homes by using our advanced technologies

Understanding your data is the first step in deploying strategies and detecting trends, we have the tools to assist in these strategies.


Storing data is complex and risky. E1 Digital can store your data in a secure environment and partner with your third party vendors.

Data Warehousing

We offer a wide range of services


Customize each piece!

Produce 2 million per day!

Speed to Market

E1Digital Direct Philosophies


The digital printing, finishing and insertion equipment has evolved. The E1DD platform is more efficient, flexible and higher quality than previously available in our industry. Speed means being able to manufacture in the millions daily, in high color, with no per-printed forms or shells.

Today's most effective marketers understand the importance of micro-segmentation. The ability to utilize demographically selected high color images, and offer scientifically efficient ways to customize each piece to the individual is proven to drive a much higher response. Until now, the old way of doing this did not always translate to better ROI for the campaign. E1DD brings true innovation by changing the physics of production and new tools to your campaigns. “Speed” means you can produce as many versions of individual pieces you have to market, regardless of volume, without utilizing preprinted components. No more waiting for preprinted shells, being limited by your inventory, or leveraging additional downstream services to regain savings in distribution. E1DD “Speed” means being nimble and flexible with your campaigns to proven ROI increase.

“At E1DD we have redefined what High Volume Variable Digital Print means for our marketing clients. E1DD represents the next evolution in direct mail execution.”

Simple yet dynamic campaigns...The E1DD platform does not restrict your paper selection. This is key in “volume” mail production. Offset and Matte papers can be leveraged without special coatings or treatments. This allows you ultimate flexibility and reduces costs when compared to legacy digital print platforms.In the past “Volume” often meant inventory. Inventory brings with it limited creativity and flexibility, longer turn times, and bloated cost concerns. Welcome to the next age in execution on your campaigns. At E1DD “Volume” means producing the entire mail piece at high volumes in real time. We make your campaign execution both simple and dynamic. Do more, manage less and get your teams back to responding to your market conditions. Less tactical management and more real marketing. “Volume” means being able to print and assemble millions of direct mail pieces a day in an all-digital, more efficient platform. The implications of that for our marketing clients has been enormous.


Millions to Billions of Homes


Small Data to Big Data!

“ Big Data and analytics go hand-in-hand. The primary goal of big data analytics is to help companies make more informed business decisions quicker to move with market trends."

The speed and size of data has changed tremendously and we use terms such as “Big Data” and “Predictive Analytics”. Why have billions of data points with no intelligence? With our predictive models, we are able to calculate and predict trends and make confident recommendations to our clients based on the science and math of accumulated data. As consumer data continues to evolve, we will follow that evolution utilizing cutting edge technologies to optimize your processes and reach.

Market the world!


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