E1 Digital Direct

ISO 27001 - Certified

HITRUST - Compliant

ISO 9001 - Compliant

NWOB - Certified

FSC - Certified

SOC 2_Type 2 - Certified

Making noteworthy news !

E1 Digital Direct becomes ISO 27001 Compliant ranking it top tier is data privacy and security.

ISO Compliance

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E1 Digital optimizes their Screen 520ZZ "Advanced" Screen Press to process 70,000 - 80,000 creatives in less than an hour.

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E1DD President

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Department of Health performs an inspection at E1 Digital Direct amidst the Covid crisis and stated we were one of the cleanest manufacturing facilities they have visited in some time.

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Dept. of Health

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E1 Digital transformed our traditional package into "digital" and saved us time and money.  

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