E1 Digital Direct

ISO 27001 Compliant

HITRUST - Compliant

TRUSTARC - Compliant

ISO 9001 - Compliant

NWOB Compliant

FSC - Compliant

Come learn about E1 Digital !

We welcome you to learn about The Pidgeon Group of companies that brings 100 years of collective experience with a cutting edge digital marketing platform that will quickly be revered by industry. "

E1DD represents the latest expansion of services from The Pidgeon Group of companies; Church Budget, Envelope 1 and now E1 Digital Direct “E1DD”. With a collective 100 years in the Direct Marketing industry, a unique set of capabilities, vast experience and a broad talent base is brought to you from, the Pidgeon group of companies. We represent a unique and new opportunity to marketers looking to grow their audience, gain more customers, and get a higher return on their marketing efforts with emphasis on Security, High-Volume, Speed, and Smart Data. E1DD brings these key areas of expertise in a unique and unmatched ability to execute high volume 100% one-to-one full color digital print campaigns with greater efficiency and more agile bigger data faster than the “Traditional” execution models solely available only a few short months ago. It’s an evolutionary jump in the next generation of Digital Direct Marketing.

How does E1DD do this?

First, technology in the direct marketing space is advancing at an exponential rate. E1DD’s platform fully leverages the very latest in High-Speed Digital Printing, Finishing, and Assembly Equipment. These technologies allow marketers greater flexibility, lower costs, reduced waste and inventory, and an increased ability to respond to market conditions in real time.

Third, integration brings efficiency. Sometimes it’s just physics. The Pidgeon family of companies offers a fully integrated, whole package, solution for manufacturing and executing Direct Marketing campaigns, and has been delivering results to clients for a collective century. Take a deeper look and you are going to find a performance execution model that offers massive firepower in a family owned, customer focused integrated platform.

Second, The Pidgeon Group understands that the correct blend of team members assembled and the experience those individuals bring to the table make all the positive difference in creating a successful formula to grow your business. E1DD’s President, Alon Stephens, brings 40 years of experience in Direct Marketing execution to the table for our clients. His focus is to deliver a more effective marketing platform to the industry and make our clients more successful with ease. Our COO, Scott Patterson, offers our clients leadership in precision execution stemming from a long history in the Direct Marketing industry and the United States Airforce. He also offers an unprecedented information Security expertise to the direct marketing space. If you’re serious about your company’s security in data services, physical production, paperwork, and all areas of potential breaches in information security, then Scott has the perfect solution for you and your business. He is a recognized and awarded security expert and maintains a leadership position in the security industry focusing on the financial services and insurance industries.